Advocacy for Sexual Health Issues in Nashville, Tennessee

At our sexual health clinic in Nashville, Tennessee, we are dedicated to providing quality healthcare to the LGBTQ+ community and free resources for testing. Our Healthy Relationships program is designed to help people with health issues to discuss, solve problems and support each other in the practice of disclosing their HIV status to family, friends and sexual partners. We also offer Sin Buscar Excusas, an event-based program that brings together groups of men of Latino descent who love gays, bisexuals and people of the same sex to learn about HIV and take action to prevent it. In Tennessee, Partner Services is run by disease intervention specialists (DIS), supervisors and managers assigned to health departments in counties and metropolitan areas. Additionally, 3MV (Many Men, Many Voices) is a retreats health education and peer support experience for men of color who love gays, bisexuals and people of the same sex, focusing on HIV prevention and sexual health. If you are interested in learning more about current sexual health policies, debates and issues, as well as ways to participate in current initiatives, there are several websites available.

PrEP specialists are also available to help people interested in PrEP learn more about the medication, find a medical provider, locate a pharmacy, apply for financial assistance, and incorporate the daily regimen into their lives. We also provide healing to children, adults and families affected by sexual assault and end sexual violence through counseling, education and advocacy. If you are looking for organizations or groups that provide advocacy for sexual health issues in Nashville, Tennessee, there are many options available.