Support for Sexual Health Issues in Nashville, Tennessee

At our sexual health clinic in Nashville, Tennessee, we strive to provide a safe and professional environment for people living with HIV. We offer comprehensive health care services and free resources for testing. In addition, we are part of Healthy and Free Tennessee, a network of agencies, organizations, and individuals working together to promote sexual health and reproductive freedom in the state. Planned Parenthood is a great resource for clear, accurate, and up-to-date information on sexual and reproductive health. They offer services related to cancer, STDs, fertility, sexual dysfunction, birth control, and routine checkups.

Men can also take advantage of the Many Men, Many Voices (3MV) retreats which provide health education and peer support experiences for men of color who love gays, bisexuals, and people of the same sex. The PrEP app is another great resource for monitoring HIV status regardless of HIV status or the behavior of sexual partners. It provides personalized appointment reminders and resources on birth control and sexual health from Planned Parenthood experts. PrEP specialists are also available to help people interested in PrEP learn more about the medication, find a medical provider, locate a pharmacy, apply for financial assistance, and incorporate the daily regimen into their lives. Sin Buscar Excusas is an event-based program that brings together groups of men of Latino descent who love gays, bisexuals, and people of the same sex in order to learn about HIV prevention and promote sexual health. The project includes opportunities for young people of color to meet their peers in healthy environments and participate in health education. Healthy Relationships is another program that invites people with health problems to participate in small groups with their peers to discuss HIV disclosure to family, friends, and sexual partners.

This is part of a larger process of building healthier personal relationships.