Abortion Services in Nashville, Tennessee: Availability and Options

Abortion services are available in Nashville, Tennessee, with a range of options to suit individual needs. The Nashville Health Center has been providing reliable health care for nearly 100 years, and Choices is the first clinic to open in the area. In addition to medical abortions, they also plan to offer surgical abortion in the coming months. Hope Clinic is another option for those seeking abortion services near Nashville, offering medical abortion up to 10 weeks pregnant, aspiration up to 16 weeks, and dilation and evacuation up to 26 weeks.

Gender-affirming hormone therapy is also expected to be available soon. Planned Parenthood has not yet confirmed a branch in Carbondale, but they have said they plan to open a mobile clinic in southern Illinois before the end of the year. A Texas-based abortion provider and a Tulsa women's clinic also intend to open clinics in the area. When considering abortion services near Nashville, it is important to be aware of all the options available. The team of expert doctors and licensed medical professionals at Hope Clinic can provide any necessary information and advice.

They will work with you beforehand to determine which procedure will be the safest and most effective for your personal situation.