Accessing Mental Health Services for Sexual Health Issues in Nashville, TN

Living outside of downtown Nashville, TN can make it difficult to access mental health services related to sexual health issues. Fortunately, Nashville CARES offers counseling services to people of all HIV statuses and financial backgrounds. Our team of licensed social workers, counselors, and therapists are experienced in helping clients heal and address a wide range of challenges, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, relationship challenges, pain, mind and body well-being, and much more. We strive to be trauma-informed as an organization and in our work with clients.

We believe in the inherent value of all people and are proud to serve people from all cultural backgrounds of 26% racial, countries of origin, sexual orientations, gender expressions, body sizes, abilities and religions. Sin Buscar Excusas is an event-based program that brings together groups of men of Latino descent who love gays, bisexuals and people of the same sex in order to learn about HIV, discuss and take action to prevent HIV and promote sexual health. Experts have highlighted the important role of sexual health services in identifying and reporting cases of sexual violence and abuse. Untreated STIs can have a “domino effect” on productivity and the person's participation in the labor market. Other sectors may also be affected by sexual health problems and interventions. PrEP specialists are health care specialists who can help people interested in PrEP learn more about the medication, find a medical provider, locate a pharmacy, apply for financial assistance, and incorporate the daily regimen into their lives.

Sexual health education programs should be comprehensive and integrate sex education. Economic studies on sexual health should adopt a broader perspective in their analyses. In Tennessee, Partner Services is run by disease intervention specialists (DIS), supervisors and managers assigned to health departments in counties and metropolitan areas. The project includes opportunities for young people of color to meet their peers in healthy environments, participate in health education, and plan community activism around HIV prevention. When asked about the possible social impacts of any aspect of sexual health, almost all experts instantly described the impact of STIs as potentially serious, with long-term consequences for the physical and mental health of the person affected. Victims of sexual abuse not only have to bear the direct physical and emotional burden of being raped but also the severe mental health consequences. Sexual health is holistic in nature and has significant impacts on sectors other than health.

Many Men, Many Voices (3MV) is a retreats health education and peer support experience for men of color who love gays, bisexuals and people of the same sex focusing on HIV prevention and sexual health.